Supply Chain Management: A Solution for A Better Tomorrow

Have you ever imagined? How does business work in the current modern world? Since with so much modernization, there are various new ways introduced to take the process of business one step further. It can be seen easily in today’s business sector that with change in time there are changes occurring in the way that a business operates. Digitization is the most frequent and highly impacting change that has spread its significance all around the business world. This element has brought customers’ expectations way further ahead. Supply chain management is one of the key aspects of this innovative approach. So, it is necessary to discover this new emerging trend. Dive into the world of supply chain management.

Understand SCM (Supply Chain Management)
It is a system that manages the flow of goods and services in an effective manner. This active management system is designed to maximize customer value and let firms enjoy a good sustainable competitive advantage. The activities included in this system take care of everything for business from production, development, sourcing and logistics. An effective supply chain management system lets you effectively minimize time, waste and cost in the production cycle. The core value of this system is to create competitive infrastructure, synchronizing supply with demand. It works majorly on marketing, procurement, logistics, systems engineering, industrial engineering and operation management.

Work Mechanism of SCM (Supply Chain Management)
It is a system that is developed by the efforts of suppliers to deliver an efficient and economical supply chain as possible. It usually covers from the production of the product to its development. The SCM system usually controls or links the production, distribution and shipment of a product. Companies can use it to cut excess costs and deliver products to consumers at a fast pace. The existence of this system has been there for a long time, but with modernization, it has gained attention recently.

Key Factors to Notice About Supply Chain Management
This effective system consists of five points as its key features to make your business more effective than ever.

To provide multi-enterprise collaboration and engagement, this system is designed to effectively improve the collaboration with the suppliers using cloud-based commerce networks.

The SCM lets analytics capabilities upgrade with data in real-time. The insights that it will offer are fast and extensive.

The networking or connection that it provides is unparalleled to any other system. It can access the unstructured data from Social Media and structured data from IoT (Internet of Things) and other traditional data sets from traditional ERP and B2B integration tools.

This is an effective move in the modern supply chain management system. The AI platform helps in coordinating, collating and conducting decisions and actions across the chain. This factor plays a crucial role in the automation of the supply chain.

Cyber Awareness
Cyber intrusions and hacks are crucial problems in this modern era. But using it the enterprise is protected from this major concern.

Effective Areas of SCM
The supply chain management system effectively improves the analysis of data for the organizations and offers further space for improvements. These are some of its most effective areas which are discussed below -

Improving Price
SCM uses analytic software to forecast techniques to improve margins. This helps seasonal products to be sold easily, as they have a limited shelf life.

Find Potential Problems
The in-depth analysis that SCM provides lets manufacturers anticipate the shortage before the buyer is disappointed and complain about poor service.

Enhanced Allocation of Inventory
This system helps in dynamically allocating resources. It helps the firm’s schedule work based on sales forecasts.

Key Elements of Supply Chain Management
This system consists of five attributes or components which are included to ensure effectiveness and sustainability. These functions seem to be an overwhelming task to various business persons all around the world. They help in enhancing the supply chain management practice in an efficient way. It can be undertaken using these following eight functions -


This step is a key aspect of starting a supply chain. It helps in finalising the strategy to put them into place while checking the demand of product or service, manpower, costing, profit, etc. Without this element, SCM is well-nigh impossible to implement and to get effective benefits from it. This point can only be set after making consideration of all pros and cons that one can proceed further. This step usually helps in identifying the demand and supply trend in the market to implement a fine working SCM system.


In this tech-inspired world, we are surrounded by information. So, it becomes very vital for any business to stay updated using the latest information. That’s why this element has an important place in the supply chain. It lets firms understand the proper and timely market trends of demand and supply of products. The ignorance of this aspect can lead to a negative impact on the performance of businesses.


In any business, the role of a supplier is very crucial. When it comes to SCM systems it has the same important impact. The products and services developed by manufacturers are created using the help of different sets of raw materials. The cost-effectiveness of raw materials is important for the manufacturing of products and services at cheap rates. If the supplier somehow lacks the capacity to deliver them on time will bound the business to face loss and have a negative reputation.


Keeping inventory maintained is essential for a highly effective supply chain management system. In this list of inventory, there is mention of raw materials and other essential items that are required for the development of products and services. It is a vital aspect for the good functioning of this system since without its proper management the production and sale of products are not possible.


This is the next most important element to consider for the proper functioning of SCM. It ensures that the firm is producing the correct amount of products while meeting the established quality standards.


The place where this system will implement its functioning is crucial. If it is a suitable location then it would provide all essential resources and materials conveniently to the system for manufacturing, otherwise, the system can fail. For example, lack of water can bring a stop to the whole production process and affect the company’s goodwill.


After the production of products and services, the next big step for any firm is transportation. The delivery of final products to the market is mandatory for smooth business functioning. The business organization that took special care of this aspect always enjoys a fine range of benefits from it. But it also needs to have a secure and safe transportation process with zero damage and minimal loss in the transit.


After following all these elements, here comes the final step for creating a good SCM system. The returns of goods, as it is common to return goods under different circumstances. Even having a fine quality process, you can sometimes have unavoidable momentary lapses. This element ensures good bonding with customers and helps in maintaining goodwill in the long run.

Supply Chain Management Outlook
For the successful operation of a business, is necessary. Its key function is to deliver value to customers; while managing the movement of materials and products throughout the organizational cycle. For a seamless functioning, it includes various aspects of business operation like purchasing, logistics and information technology. The components of SCM that we have described above play an important role in setting the demand. If these links in the chain turn to be weak lead to the disruption of the entire chain and all functions should be at risk. To get an in-depth understanding of Supply Chain Management you can read the book: Essentials of Supply Chain Management by Michael H. Hugos. Achieve all your organizational goals using a smooth working SCM system.

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