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7 Sources of Raw Material for Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Is your business using a content marketing strategy?

According to a recent study by the Custom Content Council, 73% of consumers prefer to get their information about an organization in articles rather than advertisements. That means it’s more important than ever to include custom content in your marketing mix. Doing so will help drive purchases, improve relationships, and give your customers useful information in a medium they prefer.

Content marketing essentially means that rather than pitching your product directly, you instead provide resources to educate and inform your prospects. If it’s done correctly it often leads to the sale.

Generating compelling content that people want to consume can increase your website traffic and help you to attract and retain a dedicated following. In order to produce quality content you’re going to need a good source of raw material to continually draw upon.

Here are 7 fantastic resources to help you never run out of content ideas:

#1: RSS Reader: Scan it Daily A great way to get fresh ideas and inspiration is to sign up for a free RSS reader such as Google Reader. Then use the Google Blogs search option and search blog directory sites such as Technorati and Blogcatalog for blogs that are relevant to your product or service. When you find what you’re looking for simply subscribe by clicking on the RSS feed and adding it to your reader. Organize your feeds into folders and sort by category for easy scanning; you can combine topics you find in your industry’s blogs with your own commentary to create posts that stand on their own.

#2: Make Every Employee a Marketer: Encourage employees to contribute to your blog by writing posts on a topic of interest that relates to your industry. Ask your customer service and sales teams about their most frequently asked questions then have them write blog posts about the solutions. Creating a simple blog template for employees to use can be a great tool to eliminate any barriers to writing a post.

#3: Crowdsource: Online survey and polling tools can be invaluable resources for collecting and prioritizing these ideas in an organized way. Post a social networking status or blog asking your audience for content topics and suggestions. Embedding a survey or poll directly into your website or blog engages your audience in real time, and lets their voice be heard. You can also launch a survey or poll directly into email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn asking for feedback.

#4: LinkedIn Groups: There’s no shortage of opinions on LinkedIn. You can join up to 50 groups per individual profile. Find the most active groups related to your industry by searching the groups tab. An easy way to tell which groups are most active is by the number of members and discussions. LinkedIn Answers is also a fantastic place to tap the knowledge of your professional network.

#5: Forums: If social media has a grandfather, its name is Grandpa Forum. These open and free discussions are a fantastic way to find out what’s going on in your niche. A simple search on Google for + forum will yield thousands of results.

#6: Google News: Want to keep your content relevant to current events and hot topics in the media? Sure you do. Google News aggregates headlines from news sources worldwide, groups similar stories together and displays them according to each reader’s personalized interests. Simply search for keywords related to your industry and click on the news. Scanning the results will immediately provide you with headlines to tie your topic to what’s happening in the world.

#7: Attend Industry Events: Meetups, Webinars, Tweetchats, Conferences. There’s a wealth of events hosted online and off on a weekly basis with many offering the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. Look for events with topics related to your industry and jump right in. Chances are you’ll leave inspired with new ideas and a new found vigor to churn them into remarkable content.

The overall goal here it to be relevant and provide value to your target market; if you continually publish and spread great content, customers will come to you.

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What Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Is All About

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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing

There are two types:

Subscription or Money Plans and Product Based MLM.

Subscription or Money Plans

Subscription or Money plans are generally illegal and are not really Network Marketing or MLM.

False credibility

The promoters often call them that to give themselves some credibility They generally work by getting you to pay a subscription. Most of which the person or company running the plan gets and pay a percentage out to the person who introduced you to the plan. You then go out and recruit as many people as you can so that you will get as much commission as possible. There is generally no product or service offered, or if there is it is generally worthless and just incidental. These plans are illegal, although are still often appearing on the doormat, coming in from countries out with the UK.


Often the commission paid out will be on a matrix plan; for example where you only need to sponsor, say two on your first level and then get those two to sponsor 2 so that you now have 4 on your 2nd level and then those 4 just sponsor 2 each which gives you 8 on your 3rd level and so on. So that in theory you will have 64, 128 or 256 people all in your network giving you money, They will even show you a graph showing exponential growth. Generally companies don’t pay out unless a level is full and of course that’s where it all falls down because people drop out or do not sponsor someone and you finish up with holes in your useless matrix. These plans, again are now illegal in the UK but are still coming in from abroad or being pushed on internet sites.

Why they fail

These plans ALWAYS FAIL. Usually the company running the plan make a killing and then mysteriously vanishes! The people who were in at the start made a killing and everyone else lost a fortune. In fact the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) closed down a few of these schemes in 1996. And the law changed so that in 1997 most of these schemes become illegal. However, as I have already noted, British law cannot have jurisdiction over what comes in from abroad and as we all know the Internet is virtually impossible to police. I do remember that I got made redundant in the early 90′s, although I myself never got involved, had a friend who had his own farm, and being in small financial difficulties himself. Really believing that these plans were brilliant, put everything he had into one and when it went down he even lost his farm. It was very tragic.

Expensive Education

They can be made to look brilliant on paper especially with glossy brochures promising cars or holidays at certain levels. Don’t get involved. It will cost you a fortune that can easily run into hundreds and even thousands of pounds. This can be a very expensive way of learning.

Product Based

Product Based MLM or Network Marketing is generally credible but be warned it is not easy. Generally most people get introduced to it by a colleague, relative, friend or website. They will invite you along to an open meeting near your home. Go, you have nothing to lose but what ever you do, leave your cheque book, credit cards and most of your cash at home and DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING that night. Take your partner with you because you will normally see something that will really get you all fired up, full of inspiration, “I can make a fortune at this!” When you get home, if you had left your partner at home they would not have seen the presentation and would be very suspicious and dead against it. So go along together.

When you get to the meeting, usually in a local pub, hotel or meeting rooms. You will be introduced to your host by your friend or colleague who invited you. You will see lots of people all dressed up in business dress who are already distributors or agents and a few other people who perhaps look a bit nervous. These are people like you who are along for the first time. You will often be shown a very compelling company DVD video presentation, which will show lots of fast cars, big houses, deserted beaches and the like and/or you will be given a ‘Power Point’ presentation by the host. There will normally be an interval for tea or coffee and you will be shown the actual products and someone will explain how great they are, how everybody wants them, and how easy they are to sell. Then afterwards, someone will show the profit or reward plan, sometimes hand writing it on a white board, as they explains, but more often now, given as a ‘Power Point’ presentation. This will leave you absolutely, gob smacked! About how easy it all is and how by this time next week you will be a millionaire! How can you fail? You will want to sign up there and then and buy as much product, company leaflets and training material as you can carry. But you can’t tonight, can you? You’ve left your cards and money at home!

The hype or Ra Ra!

You will have been carried away by all the enthusiasm of the people there and the hype of the DVD video’s and other presentations and all the Razzmatazz that they could muster. That’s why I said leave your cheque book, cards and money at home. That way you cannot sign up tonight. Go home and think about it. There will be an answer for that: “Why do you want to think about it?”, “What is there to think about? You’ve seen it all here”, “You like the plan don’t you?”, ” You like the product(s) don’t you?”,”You like us don’t you?”, “Then what is there to think about?” You do not want to do anything tonight. You want to talk it all over with your partner to discuss the implications in the cold light of day and anyway, if you were to do anything you would need to formulate a plan of action first and in any case you have no money on you.

You will be led to believe that it is easy and that you will very easily become a millionaire in no time at all. Nonsense! Although many people have done it especially in the USA where more millionaires have done it through MLM than any other means, well, until the internet came along, now I’m not quite so sure! It has also been done here in the UK and Europe. The UK is probably one of the most difficult countries because generally the British are a bit stick in the mud and afraid to try something new. Our continental cousins in Europe generally are more open to this type of marketing as are the Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders. These days, even the Chinese.

If you like what you have seen and you like the product and feel that you get on with the people who presented the meeting and especially the person that took you along then by all means after reading the rest of this then go for it. BUT if you feel that you do not like the product or the people who presented the meeting or the person who took you along then forget it. It is very unlikely that if you are new to the game, that you would have any chance of success without their help.

In the UK, there is a regulating body to which any reputable MLM company should be a member although in all fairness it will often take a new company sometime before it achieves this. The regulating body is called the Direct Selling Agency, usually just referred to as the DSA.

How Money Is Made In MLM

Why does it work for some and not for others?

A MLM company works much the same as any other in the fact that it makes or supplies a product that it wants to sell to consumers, anyone. The way it does it is by using its sales force to do the marketing for them. It keeps its costs down because generally it does not advertise it’s products, it does not need shops or fancy showrooms and apart from it’s head office and distribution warehouses, drivers and support staff, needs no other staff.


To become part of it’s sales force you have to become what they usually refer to as an agent or distributor. For this privilege it will normally cost anything between 45 and 200. 200 is currently the maximum set down by the DSA. This will normally provide you with a company training manual and operating procedures and a few samples of sales brochures, DVD’s and stationery. Now the general idea of network marketing is to get a lot of people retailing a little or in the case of one of the most well known organisations, getting a lot of people to retail a little but also to use all the consumables themselves. It is also sometimes possible to treat the business purely as a retailing opportunity. In fact for over two years I retailed just one of the product range from one MLM company as my sole source of income. This, however is not, really what it is all about.


As an agent or distributor for your chosen company you will be a retailer and as such will purchase at wholesale and sell to your customers at retail. The difference being your profit less your tax liabilities and business expenses. As any retailer, you will normally get a bigger discount if you buy in bulk. This is the same with most MLM companies. As a small retailer they know that you cannot buy in bulk, so they normally split up their year into months or sales periods and calculate what product you ordered in that period, add it all up and provided that it was over certain thresholds laid down by them, they will then give your discount in the form of a credit or rebate cheque at the month or period end.

Most people when they go into MLM will only start it on a part time basis and so will often not qualify for the bigger discounts. So why do it? Usually the business plan will have been explained to you at a meeting before your signed up so you will then have a very brief understanding of your companies volume profit, rebate, commission or compensation plan. They all seem to have a different name for it. Basically though, they all have a similar format. It is based on the principal that you personally can only sell so much, in a day or week or month or whatever.

So why not duplicate yourself to increase your turnover? That means recruiting other people and teaching them to do, what you do. This is something that your sponsor, who is the person that introduced you to the business, is, or should be, doing with you. This means that by introducing other people to your group, you can effectively increase your groups sales. As the head of your group you will then get rebates or bonuses on what you and your group has achieved. This gives you an incentive to increase your group and to train and assist them. This will increase the group of your sponsor, increasing their income, which is why they should be helping you. This will of course be increasing the sales force of the company, who also will be training all their agents by updating and producing much training material. In my experience, very few, if any, companies will actually teach you how to sell. They will train you on all the products that they supply and even train you on how to recruit other people and generally, that’s it.

So, why do most people usually fail?

Selling is a thing that we all do, all the time without realising it. We recommend films, restaurants, good offers at the local DIY store and many other things. However ask most people to sell something to another person and they will be terrified! Any company, whether supplying a product or service cannot survive without selling anything. If no product moves, then no money moves! It’s as simple as that.

If you are good at something and only have so many hours to do it, then why not teach other people to do what you do and then get a commission on what they do, because you taught them. That’s where it all generally all falls apart! Why? Because the person teaching other people what to do, generally has not got a clue what to do themselves. So they, as incompetent people are trying to teach other people how to become competent. An impossible equation! They may be great at recruiting new people but if you don’t sell anything then nobody makes any money and what’s the point?

Only duplicate something that works!

The first rule in MLM is to know how to sell! If you yourself cannot shift product, how on earth are you going to teach someone else how to do it! So learn or be prepared to learn how to sell. If You cannot or will not then forget it; because, if You cannot make money, then how on earth how are going to teach someone else to?

There is one company in MLM that uses catalogues to sell its wares and agents drop catalogues off through peoples doors and go back a few days later for orders. This is a great way to recruit people who don’t need to sell, the catalogue does it for them. Many people have been very successful with this company but be warned, because of the nature of dropping catalogues through doors and as there are no designated areas then it is quite common to go back for your catalogue to find the householder holding up two or three and saying which one is yours as other agents had also put their catalogues through the same doors that you did. This can have a very de-motivational effect on a new agent. Unfortunately this can cause a constant demand on you having to re-recruit because people have easily given up.

The 80 – 20 Rule

In fact there is a rule used in MLM, as also is, in many organisations, and that is the 80/20 rule. Simply, what that means, is that one year down the road 80% of your recruits will be gone and another year down the road 80% of what was left has now gone, so you must be prepared to put a lot of work in, recruiting, training and motivating people and training them to do the same to the people that they recruit. To become a success you will normally be talking about a 5 to 6 year plan and be prepared to put in a lot of work and travelling to recruit, train and motivate people.

Advantages of MLM

Advantages with MLM are that you have like a franchise without having to pay out that big franchise fee. You can use the corporate identity although most will insist that you must always state that you are an independent distributor or agent and not part of the corporate team. You will normally get all of your stationary, like order forms and invoices etc. You will also have available promotional DVD’s, product DVD’s, product leaflets or brochures and generally a large quantity of sales aids. A lot of companies, but definitely not all will have promotions and offers to help you sell. As your company has produced all this stationary, training DVD’s and other materials for you. Generally although not cheap, will work out a lot less than you would pay someone else to take the photo’s, design a leaflet or brochure, set up a production run and print them. Remember that your company will have covered these costs, so don’t gripe if they are not exactly giving away their promotional material. Remember, after all, it is your business.

Cash flow

Often these companies will also give you credit so that you can order and then pay when the invoice arrives which is hopefully when you have collected your customers payments. If you do not have this facility then get a credit card and you will never have cash flow problems. In fact, I run two credit cards, one solely for business use and one for my own personal use. Provided that you use a credit card wisely, you actually have extra rights under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act. Provided that you carefully checked the terms when opening your credit card account, then you will never incur expenses if you pay off the full amount before the final ‘pay by’ date. You should be able to achieve this if you are running your business correctly.

This article was taken from my FREE eBook: “So… You Want To Work For Yourself!” written by me, James Tallett.

James Tallett

First Class Hut is a site designed for the new internet entrepreneur who is looking for ideas, training, articles and opportunities to do with running your own business and with the emphasis on internet opportunities.

The owner and webmaster of the site James Tallett is also an article writer who has written many articles about running your own internet business, on the First Class Hut site and many Article and Blog sites.

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A Primer on Advertising for the Internet Marketer

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What Is Advertising?
As a budding internet marketer, all of the tips and tricks to marketing online will fail if you don’t have a fundamental understanding of what it means to advertise. Do NOT venture out online just applying SEO tactics and good web design. Always be thinking about who you’re talking to. Read on…

Advertising has so many definitions and interpretations that makes any feeble attempt on my part impossible. But I will try. Advertising is basically sales conducted through a different medium than a sales person (newspaper, magazine, TV, web, etc.) performing the same function as a sales person would do in person. In addition, advertising has a “paving the way” component which sets the stage for the pitch. Effective advertising is suggestive and educational, but typically doesn’t close the sale.

Advertising is a Mind Game
It’s funny, many years ago, The Supreme Court of the United States actually defined advertising like this: “Advertising is mere identification and description, apprising of quality and place. It has no other object than to draw attention to the article to be sold.” But that definition in not completely true. A purely educational advertising campaign trying to create a new need (one that does not already exist) is futile. Also, an advertisement trying to promote something that has many competitors at the same value and that are as easily obtained is meaningless. Advertising requires some level of appeal, tapping into the buyers psychology using visual effect or language to basically seduce the prospect into wanting to buy.

Direct vs. Indirect
Again, advertising is any method, other than through personal agents such as salesmen, to sell products and services. Given that, advertising can be divided into two types: one is direct and the other indirect. Broadcasting one’s goods and services through newspaper or magazine ads, billboards, vehicle signs, is indirect. Using a sales letter to promote a product or service is direct.

How you advertise must always result from an analysis of the product or service in relation to the market’s needs, current and potential. Is there a market for this product? How big is it? What is the product’s unique selling proposition — the thing that gives it a competitive advantage over similar products?

As an Internet Marketer, keep these basic points in mind as you venture out trying to promote your or someone else’s product or service. The Internet is just another medium. Without proper advertising principles, your promotions will not work.

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How Those Old Movies Can Help You Market Your Business

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If there’s one thing that separates an old-fashioned movie from a modern movie is that the old-fashioned ones never relied on special effects to make an impact. Why? Because they didn’t have the ability to create them, except in the most rudimentary way. That meant they had to rely on other things to make the movie interesting, and those other things were great characters, interesting stories, gripping plots and emotion. That’s why some of those old movies can still entertain people sixty or seventy years after they were made, while many of those modern movies that rely on whizz-bang special effects lose their novelty value within a few years, or even months.

This doesn’t mean that a movie with special effects will be no good, but a movie that has no plot or story will fail no matter how good the special effects.

So how can this help with marketing your business?

Here’s how.

The best marketing pieces are like those old movies. Just as those old movies didn’t rely on special-effects but used great stories to make them interesting, the best marketing doesn’t rely on flashy graphics or tricks, and relies on basic sales elements to get the message across. The most simple sales elements are:

1. What you have to sell
2. What your product or service does
3. Why it will make a person’s life better
4. How a person can buy it

Put these basic elements into your marketing and you’ll do better than all the flashy graphics and advertising “tricks” in the world, because you’re telling your prospects exactly what they need to know to make a purchase decision. It’s like the best movies do when they give you a full story, with all the different elements tied up at the end.

Now, it’s more difficult to write a movie with a great story and plot than it is to get some computer geek to press a button and summon up some computer-generated monsters. And it’s more difficult to write an advertisement that uses all the best sales elements (and in an interesting way) than it is to just create a logo and a slogan and plaster it everywhere.

You need to take time to think of exactly how your product or service will improve someone’s life, and get this sales information over in the most persuasive way. You also need to think about how to show the superiority of your product, and think of important elements such as your guarantee.

But the rewards of doing it right are worth the effort. And even by following the basics of the sales elements shown above, you’ll do well.

So the next time you create a piece of advertising and are tempted to use “special-effects” like bright colors, crazy images and catchy slogans, remember those old movies and how they kept their audience interested with the basics of good storytelling. Give your prospects as much of a story as you can, and tell them at least the basics of what they need to know to buy your stuff.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautifully-designed advertisement or website, or use “special-effects” to get impact. But miss out the basic sales elements and your special-effects probably won’t have any effect at all.

Steve Prescott is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist who specialises in creating results-based marketing systems by integrating direct response copy with internet marketing techniques.

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Autoresponders Make Your Email Marketing Effective and Easy

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Autoresponders are one of the most consistent strategies for bringing in dollars through email.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, autoresponders are a series of emails set up to run once someone opts in to receive your newsletter or you white paper/video/other content piece. Your series can be 5 parts, 12 or even more, there’s no “right” answer to how long the series should run.

Here’s How it Works

Here’s an example, let’s say you’re in the pet industry and you sell a specialty dog food aimed at dogs with wheat allergies.

You could offer a 5 part series to consumers on what the symptoms are for wheat allergies, possible reasons why these allergies are so prevalent and what you can do if your dog is allergic to wheat-positioning your food as the solution, of course.

Autoresponders are a logical extension of a traditional email newsletter. And, they work!

According to a recent Merckle study, 74% of polled adults say they prefer the personal interaction of receiving email from a company over direct mail. Email tool, ExactTarget says, “Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports that the ROI from email marketing is greater than $43 for every dollar spent.”

That’s good news for businesses!

Plus, once they’re written and set up, they run on autopilot. (I love marketing strategies that continue to bring me money months and years after they launch-don’t you?)

An Autoresponder (AR) Sequence Can Be Set Up 3 Ways:

1) Your AR series can be a stand-alone piece such as “Download the 7 Tips to Creating Emails That Sell” and you can piece them out in 7 different emails spread over days or weeks.

2) Or, you can give the Special Report or White Paper outright with all “7 Tips” on it and then let prospects receive a series of AR’s relating to the topic of email.

3) Or, the prospect signs up for your email newsletter, which releases an AR series spread over days, weeks, months, even years. You can mix in more timely email newsletters as you like without affecting the AR series.

Besides building your prospect list -essential for anyone in business-AR’s can drive more traffic to your site by giving your prospect a reason to visit you again.

Build Your List the Easy Way

Since AR’s are typically written around “evergreen” topics, a journalism term for topics that aren’t time sensitive-think articles on how to clean an aquarium, how to set a table, etc. they can run indefinitely bringing you money for years. Every niche has topics that fit into this definition.

With every autoresponder, you’re reminding prospects of your solution to their problem. If your email directs them to a page on your website, you bring them back to you where they can learn more or buy a solution.
I remember reading somewhere that one marketer added $1000 to his bank account every time he added another autoresponder to his series.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll see those kinds of numbers just because you add or extend an autoresponder series to your email marketing campaign.

There are plenty of factors, such as your business, how big and responsive is your list, the right offer and a dozen other considerations. However, a well-crafted AR series designed to highlight your solution to a targeted problem can pay for itself over and over-no matter what business you’re in.

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Affiliate Marketing Is The Easiest Online Home Business Anyone Can Start

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Are you looking forward to starting a home business? Affiliate marketing is one of the online home businesses I have found to be so easy that anyone can start. It’s the simplest and easiest way of making money online by earning commission through marketing and promoting products or services of other businesses. You become a salesperson of the company or business with which you enter into agreement to promote its products or services.

Since affiliate programs are commission-based business opportunities, you earn income through sending customers to other companies’ websites. To start earning from affiliate marketing, you have to sign up first as an affiliate or promoter for the company whose products you want to promote. You are then given a special affiliate link, which you use on your website or blog to direct your visitors to the affiliate company. When your visitors use your link and get directed to the companies’ websites, you earn commission upon purchasing the products. That’s how it works.

Although affiliate marketing is easy to start, you will begin making money through your promotional efforts. This simply means that you have to invest more in marketing the business. The onus is therefore on you to acquire practical online marketing skills in order to drive a steady stream of traffic to your website. Remember that traffic is the backbone of your online home business.

Secondly, you have to be with your own website, which you use to promote your affiliate programs. But even if you do not have a website yet, you still can start your affiliate marketing business by setting up a blog free of charge with Google’s eblogger. It really works so well, I can assure you. Having set up your blog, you can immediately sign up for as many affiliate programs as you can.

Which affiliate programs can you promote? It’s very important to sign up for programs that will give you big commission. As an advice, never sign up for any program where you will not get enough commission. I would recommend for you promoting programs whose arrangement enables you to earn NOT only from the people you directly refer to buy the products, but ALSO the ones referred by the people you referred. If a program has that kind of arrangement, then it’s a good program. You will be able to earn residual income off the efforts of others. It’s better than earning from only your own efforts.

Additionally, the kind of program to promote should be of interest to the kind of visitors you get to your website. You risk wasting your valuable time and effort if you promote a program and drive a lot of traffic to your website but your visitors end up not buying the products. Obviously, you will not earn any commission. Make sure you promote a product you are familiar with and a product that complements your own product on your website.

Affiliate programs, which offer you a wide range of promotional tools and where continuous support is provided, are good. Additionally, you need to check out on the payment terms just to find out if they are favorable to you because you are running your online home business to make money. That’s the reality.

As I wind up, I would like to emphasize that for you to benefit from affiliate marketing, you need to drive traffic to your website, find good and complementary affiliate products, build trust and credibility to your visitors and acquire effective promotional methods and skills. It’s by so doing that you will make a lot of money. Your challenge is to start your online home business now and promote products of other businesses.

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Online Marketing Success On A Small Budget

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Believe it or not it is possible to achieve online marketing success when you are working with a small marketing budget. As a matter of fact the Internet makes it possible for anyone to be successful regardless of their current financial situation.

Let’s talk about a few ways you can actually make money if you are working with a limited budget.

1. Blog and sell affiliate products. This is a very common way that people are making money on the Internet today.

Blogging and selling affiliate products really go hand-in-hand. It’s easy to start a blog and write about things you have knowledge of or are interested in.

Thanks to the fact there are millions of affiliate products available online, you can find a product that will match the theme of your blog. If you have a problem finding the specific affiliate product you can always join the Google AdSense program and let Google match advertisers to the theme of your blog.

Initially you could start your blog free with They are owned by Google and this makes it very quick and easy for you to get approved for the Google AdSense program.

Selling Internet based products such as digital information is another good way to make money marketing online. You might even want to look at other affiliate ideas such as cost per action programs or selling physical products for

2. Do email marketing. This is another strategy that doesn’t require much money. Building an email list and selling products to the people on your list is a very hands off way to make money online today.

One thing you can do is join an autoresponder company such as Get Response and purchase leads from them. They will build your list for you. You can then promote products directly to them and make money whenever somebody purchases something from you.

3. Direct sales. This is a popular business model for network marketing companies such as Amway, Herbalife, and so on. It’s also a way to make money selling products for very well known companies such as Avon, Tupperware, and so forth.

Today you can use the Internet to do most of your selling. This will save you a lot of time as well as a lot of expense for gasoline travelling to service customers directly.

4. Provide a service to other internet marketers. Popular things that people will pay you to do include blog writing, website design, graphic design, and so on.

There are plenty ways to quickly develop online marketing success on a small budget as well as providing a service to other businesses. These are just a few to help you realize that it doesn’t take a lot of money to begin your internet marketing venture.

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No Plan, No Direction, No Success

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Many entrepreneurs think of themselves as spontaneous people. Get an idea, act on it, and it will automatically become an overnight success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually happen that way. And, it probably won’t happen that way for you.

Despite what you may have heard, most “overnight successes” took a lot of hard work and planning. As a matter of fact, most of the “overnight successes” you and I hear about are only overnight to you and me. The marketer/entrepreneur/business person knows their success was anything but overnight.

It takes planning, implementing, execution, working, re-working, revising plans, and a lot more, to get to the point of massive success. These are not traits most of us entrepreneurial types are particularly good at.

As the business owner and leader, you either have to get better at these skills, if you aren’t already good at them; or, you need to surround yourself with people who excel in these areas, who understand your type of business and who are willing to work with you to continue to grow your business.

A mentor of mine says that most entrepreneurs and business owners make the mistake of trying to strengthen their weaknesses when they should be strengthening their strengths. It’s really true. Most of the time, it makes more sense to hire the skills we don’t like to do and aren’t good at than it does to frustrate ourselves and work really hard at something we aren’t naturally good at. It’s cheaper, and healthier, in the end to surround ourselves with good people rather than trying to get good at every skill in our business.

If you don’t have a plan for what you’re going to do this year in your business, how will you get there? And if you don’t have the plan and the vision, who will?

You may have the vision, but have you shared it with your key people? If you haven’t (and I bet you haven’t) then how can they utilize their skills and talents to help you grow? The answer is they can’t, because they have no destination. They’re simply doing the day-to-day, getting by, until you sit down with them and at least go over your plan.

Almost every day, I hear marketers say one of their main problems is getting things executed in their businesses. They have all the ideas and they know what to do, they just can’t seem to get it all executed. Part of the reason this happens is there aren’t plans and business systems in place so everyone knows what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it, and how they are supposed to do it.

Most of us don’t recognize it, but planning is how you get prepared to execute more. With a plan and systems in place, the execution of your business and projects in your business happen more easily, you make more money in the process, and everybody has more fun.

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Writing and Selling an eBook With Kindle Direct Publishing

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You’ve written a short novel or novella, and now you want to publish it to the world. The traditional route to getting published was to create your book, and then find an agent to work with you, who will finally get a publisher interested enough to publish it. The problem with all this is that your chances of landing an agent these days are remote, and even if you do, they may not be able to get a publisher for you. Both agents and publishers are inundated with unsolicited proposals and manuscripts, and they therefore reject nearly everything. If you haven’t put much effort into your book, then this is fair treatment, for example if it’s full of spelling errors. But we’ll assume that you have worked hard, and in your opinion, and maybe that of your friends, it’s ready to publish.

EBooks have changed the publishing world, and now offer you new options to publish your novella. Of course, you can still go the traditional route to get a book published as a hardback or paperback, as well as in electronic form. However, if you just want to get to market as fast as possible, you can publish electronically yourself, at no cost, and without an agent or publisher in sight.

There are several eBook readers, but Kindle is the reader we’re focusing on here. It’s the best selling product on Amazon, and it does dominate the market. But the principles are the same for other readers.

Putting it all together for publication

Writing your book for electronic publication is no different than for paper form. In particular, a novella needs an effective plot and characters that the reader can recognize. These days, readers expect to be gripped even in the first few lines, or else they move on.

The first 10% of your novella will be viewable on the Amazon site, as a sample, so make sure this is especially good, and tempts the reader to want to read more. In a novella, it’s great to have some mystery in here, which the reader will want to unravel.

If you have it, use Microsoft Word, as this is the easiest to use with Kindle submissions. But you can certainly write with other software, provided you save the file in the Word format as a ‘doc’. If you don’t have a good word processor already, you can download a superb free one from (and get a free spreadsheet and other software with it).

You’ll need to design a cover page at some point. If you were going the traditional route, the publisher would do this, but now it is you who are the publisher! There are free images that you can use for this at or you can take your own photos. Use Paint or similar programs to create an overall image at least 600 wide by 900 high, pasting in any pictures you have, and finally putting your title and author name on there.
But make it look good. It’s said that unless your title is compelling or intriguing, the potential reader will move on. But next he/she looks at the small version of the cover on the Amazon page, and this too has to attract, otherwise they never get to your ‘pitch’

And the pitch is what Amazon calls the ‘product description’. Amazon say: “Write a compelling description of the book. The description of your book gives customers an opportunity to learn about your book before they make a purchase, so this is an opportunity to convince readers to buy your book.” This is yet another task usually done by the publisher, and is what goes on the back cover. The ideal length is about 100 to 140 words. Not too short, as the reader won’t feel they know enough to make a purchase. And not too long to be boring!

Amazon also recommends that you include a Table of Contents at the front of the book, after the Title page and copyright wording. Novellas often only have chapter numbers without titles. But consider splitting your book into 4 or 5 major parts or sections, with titles, to make the Table of Contents look good. NOTE: if you do this, use the built-in TOC facility in the word processor – don’t type your own, as it won’t work in the eBook.

If you have kept things straightforward in your Word document, then it can be uploaded directly as your manuscript, and Amazon will automatically convert it to Kindle format.

So now you are ready to publish.

Becoming a Publisher on ‘Kindle Direct Publishing’

You should have your cover image ready to upload, as well as your ‘product description’ ready to copy and paste, and your manuscript in Word doc format.

Your first step in publishing is to get an account at, if you don’t already have one. Then you need to register as a ‘publisher’ with Kindle Direct Publishing at You can use your own name as the publisher, unless you’ve set up a company for this purpose. You’ll publish to the site of course, but also your book can go onto the international sites, in the UK, Germany, etc. You’ll need to set up how you want to be paid your royalty, either by bank transfer or by check.

Now you are a publisher!

Publishing your eBook

Now it’s time to actually publish your novella. So in your home page in KDP, you click the button ‘add a new title’.

After that, you follow the guide to upload your manuscript, cover page and to paste in the product description.

There are some other things they’ll ask you, as follows:

What commission do you want? 35% or 70%? This sounds like a no-brainer, but if you go for 70%, your minimum selling price has to be $2.99. As a new author, to get readers, you might want to sell at 99c, in which case you have to settle for 35% Of course, if suddenly you become very popular, you can raise the price later. But it has to be said that most of the best-selling ‘Indie’ books (from independent authors) are priced at 99c
So choose your price. You can set prices too for the international sites if you wish to sell there.
Confirm that you own the copyright.
Digital Rights Management. Yes or no? Basically do you want to restrict people from copying your eBook or not. It’s your choice.
Finally, you ‘Save and Publish’, and that’s it. In about 24 hours, your book will be on sale on the Amazon sites. And if you’re lucky, it might get featured on their special section

Otherwise, any publicity is up to you. Tell friends, use Facebook or whatever you can.

And the best of luck as an author and publisher!

I published my first novels “Deadly Contract” and “Deadly Intrigue” this way, on’ve got crime, corruption, murder, romance, and more… so you may even want to buy them! If you do, I’d welcome your comments on the Amazon ‘reviews’.

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Mulberry Vineyards – A Case for Targeted Direct Mailing Campaigns

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The Problem
Mulberry Vineyards is a white-label supplier of wines to low cost wine brands. In business for over 12 years, Mulberry had reported a steady revenue of $20-22 Million for 4 years. While this was a sustainable and profitable revenue level for Mulberry, CEO Steve Garlen wanted to increase business by penetrating the restaurant chain market.

The Solution
Mr. Garlen along with the VP of Marketing launched a direct mail campaign for restaurants. They decided on a three-phased approach for the campaign. During the planning of the campaigns, a branding firm was commissioned to create the designs and general feel for the campaign.

Phase 1 of the marketing campaign consistent of an elegantly designed postcard which introduced the brand to the restaurant manager and included a call to action to register for a web seminar on how to increase revenue through private label house wines.

Phase 2 of the campaign was the actual web seminar, or webinar as they’re called in the industry. The web seminar included a wealth of restaurant industry data and concluded with the introduction of the Mulberry brand and their white-label solutions.

Phase 3 included an in-house wine tasting, which was conducted by a Mulberry representative. Mulberry commissioned models to attend the wine tastings along with the Account Manager. The experience was fantastic and the restaurant owners got a real taste for the Mulberry brand.

The Results
As a result of this campaign, nearly 105 restaurant chains signed on to carry Mulberry wines as their house wines. Cost savings for restaurant owners were in the double digits, averaging 18% under retail wine costs. The additional business generated over $15 Million in sales for Mulberry.

This marketing campaign is an example of the effectiveness of the use of compelling market data. While typical marketing campaigns focus on the company that is marketing, Mulberry focused on the target industry, by proving useful data to restauranteurs in a convenient medium, the internet. Then introducing their solution in a real life tasting.

Melanie Turner is a Business student at Columbia University. She is also a Researcher at Deloitte Consulting where she works with expert marketing teams on Fortune 500 clients. As a growing expert in the field of marketing, Melanie aims to provide insights and resources to Small Businesses.

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