Why Brand Your Self – Understanding Brand Marketing

What Is The Purpose Of Personal Branding

Why should you personally brand yourself in the market place? Why not just sell various products, and not get branded to your brand or products? Anonymity in the market place will result in less than favorable results. You are missing out on a huge potential of targeted leads and revenue. Branding yourself is one of the first steps in marketing 101. In layman’s terms think of the word “brand” and apply it with the word “trust.”When building strong brands, understand this process will take time, it does not happen overnight. To build your brand, will require:

  • a loyal, trusted customer base who are sharing with the world about your brand
  • top-notch service
  • a great product

The Power Of Personal Branding In Business

  • Building strong brands can take years if not orchestrated perfectly. You can incorporate some steps to help speed up this process:
  • begin to build a loyal customer base utilizing opt-in forms on your blog and/or websites
  • start creating an online presence through article marketing to create a brand within the search engines

Creating and developing a strong customer “list”, opens the opportunity for you to begin marketing directly to these targeted leads. An initial introduction to your website or blog offers something unique. The word “free” is a real attention getter. This can be a newsletter, an e-book, video series, etc the possibilities are open.

Why It Makes Sense To Brand Yourself As An Expert

Once you choose to brand yourself make sure you stick with one thing and one thing only. Do not try and be the article creator, HTML coder, Website Designer, and computer specialist. All the top companies who have worked on building strong brands for themselves all started with one concept, or product.

The Steps To Success In Personal Branding

There are some key steps in creating a strong brand:

  • purchase a good keyword driven domain name
  • an official website or blog set up
  • good content thoroughly Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As your brand begins to grow it is certainly the ultimate goal for all business owners, to be the one and only company someone thinks about when they need a service. So, as you examine what it takes for building strong brands, choose your niche. As you begin research to find a niche, research the competition.

Research the sub niches, which may have, a lower competition base. Once you’ve determined your niche, begin keyword analysis, Google keyword tool is quite useful. Begin creating content to share and syndicate in an effort to be listed within the search engines. Through proper keyword research and SEO content, this will help ensure your listings within the first few pages, the first step in your lead generation process of reaching targeted leads.

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