Considering Direct Sales or Network Marketing?

For decades now, Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry have continuously increased its potential in our economy. There are about 60 Million people in the U.S. and Canada who believe in the future of this business, making it their full-time career or investment.

But Before You Dive In – Here Are Some Pros & Cons To Keep In Mind:

The Pros

Minimal Investment:

Keep in mind that Direct Sales and or Network Marketing is a business, so it requires some form of investment. But what is great about it is that your investment is usually smaller compared to starting a brick and mortar business. With direct sales, you can get started for as little as $100 to pay for your start-up business materials and product samples.

Freedom and Control over your TIME:

In this business, you own your time. You can sell your products to your relatives or friends through social functions or you can just sell products online; interact with your customers anytime you want. Basically work when you want to work.

Residual Income Potential:

Residual income means that you are levering the efforts of others. By building a team of leaders who can help you sell more products and recruit more team members, you are building a business that can eventually support you when you decide to work less. Direct sales and networking companies have also instituted what the industry refer to as automatic purchase or “auto-ship, allowing consumers to receive more discounts by making automatic monthly purchase. The company then automatically ship the products of their choice on a regular basis. This system produces income residual for individuals who enroll people to this program.

Control over your income:

In Direct Sales and Network Marketing, you control how much you earn. It all boils down to how skillful you are in building relationships-consistently, because it’s a people business. The more people you can influence, the more money you could potentially make.

The Cons

It Takes Passion To Succeed

From my own experience, having been in both Direct Sales and Network Marketing, it is important to love the product. Don’t just decide on the promise of “income potential”. It is an actual business that requires persistence and work.

Your passion will shine through and your message will be strong in convincing anyone that the product is the best for them if you are a user and an advocate of the product.

Your excitement will lead to higher sales. So before you spend money and effort on any business, I recommend being a customer first and try their products.

When people tell you that the product “sells itself”, they are lying. There is no product that sells itself. It takes someone with passion and confidence to sell even the best product.

Making Real Money

Often times, our love for the product combined with the pushy consultant make us forget to calculate how to actually make money with the business. So before you hand over your hard earned money, do this basic calculation:

1. Let us say you get 5 customers spending $100 each on products, how much commission would you get?

2. What is the requirement to get that commission? Some companies require that you meet certain sales target or “level” before you receive the commission.

3. If you recruit 5 people in your team and they each sell $500 worth of products, how much would you make? And what are the requirements to get paid?

Your commission should be at least 15% or it’s not worth it.

What Happens If You Decide The Business Is Not For You?

To prevent having a garage (or closet) full of unused products, consider what will happen if you decide direct selling isn’t for you after all. Most companies will buy back your unsold inventory but make sure it is the company’s policy. Don’t just take the recruiter’s assurance.

Still considering Direct Sales or Network Marketing?

There’s no easy way up but through persistence and dedication. In the end, it’s you who decide if this is right for you and it is you who make will it work.

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